Saturday, September 29, 2012

Greek Pastafarian Arrested for Blasphemy

So, a reader conveyed this news item to Boing Boing:
On September 24, Greece's Cyber Crimes division arrested a 27 year old man on charges of blasphemy, for his website that mocks a well-known Greek monk Elder Paisios, using the name Elder Pastitsios (the even better-known Greek pasta dish).
 First of all, if your country still has blasphemy laws, your country is run by assholes.
It's being widely reported that the arrest was instigated not by the Greek Orthodox church, but by the neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn, who currently hold seats in Parliament.
That pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

There is also a link to this blog post, which describes (in Greek) a Pastafarian protest of the arrest. A video of the procession is at the bottom of the post. According to Google Translate, the proceedings involved this prayer:
Lord, the devil abolish the death fucked, cautions us from triskataratou Memorandum and any other demon, multiply Pastitsio this circumstance, as the loaves and fish, bless the social struggle and taxikin Again, amen 
and this song:
Rich went into liquidation and epeinasan
And the ekzitountes the Lord
All were reduced CDK pasticcio.
As the hungry liberator,
and defender of the poor,

sick doctor,
progastoron advocate Kimadofore,
Besalomartys Pastitsio,
Christ believed in God,
be saved Tash ventricular us.


  1. Blasphemy laws are special pleading by powerful majorities. They have place in democracy. *Greece* needs to be reminded of this?

  2. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that maybe you meant "no place"? If not, perhaps you can provide a jurisprudicial and grammatical elaboration of your position.

  3. Who's this Wilkins guy?

  4. Tant qu'il y a de l'humour il y a de l'espoir !
    FaƮtes l'humour pas la guerre