Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nothing in Biology Makes Sense

So, we're on a somewhat restricted publication schedule here at Lost in Transcription, as we are entering Day 4 of no power following Saturday's "Snoctogeddon." Still not clear how many more days until the lights (and heat) come back on, or how long every place with WiFi will be overrun with laptop refugees.

In the meantime, let me point you to a new group blog, which takes it's name from Theodosius Dobzhansky's famous quotation, "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution." I wrote about the origin of the quotation here, and featured this anagram-themed Darwin Eats Cake strip:

Best URL for sharing: http://www.darwineatscake.com/?id=19
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The new blog's name is "Nothing in Biology Makes Sense," and features the even something-er URL http://nothinginbiology.org/. It features writing from Simone Des Roches, Devin Drown, Sarah Hird, CJ Jenkins, Noah Reid, Chris Smith, Luke Swenson, Jeremy Yoder, and Jonathan Yoder (the fightin' Yoders!).

The venture is only a few weeks old, but features veteran bloggers, and already has some really interesting posts.

Read it!

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