F. A. Q.

So, do you have a question about this blog? In the unlikely event that your question is one of the following, here is your answer.

What is the point of this blog?
It's a place for the things that I think and do that don't have another place in the world. Ideas that will never become papers or poems, but want to be free. And, observations and opinions that are always honest, but not necessarily well informed or immutable. In fact, they will often be malformed and mutable. Malamutable, if you will.

Why hasn't my comment been posted?
Probably just because I haven't gone in and clicked the little button yet. If it has been more than about a day, it is just possible that I did not approve it. This might be because you are a spambot.

I'm organizing a poetry reading, and want you to participate. What should I do?
Just let me know! You can send me e-mail here.

What's with the "journal club" tag?
If you're in academia, you're probably familiar with the "journal club" construct. If not, it is usually a group of people who meet like once a week to discuss papers from the scientific literature. Sort of like a book club, but with shorter reading. I have this notion that a blog entry and comments could serve the same function. With this in mind, I am trying to blog primarily about papers that are open access, so that anyone can download them and join the discussion.

Where is the nearest gas station?
Take a right at the corner, then you'll go straight for about a quarter mile. Take a left at the second light, and it will be about a hundred yards up on your right.

Are you the Jon Wilkins?
Probably not. For redirection, check out my handy-dandy guide to the Jons Wilkins of the web.

What the heck is genomic imprinting, anyway?
It is the phenomenon where the genes that came from your mom function differently from the genes that came from your dad, even if the DNA sequences are identical.

Why the heck would that happen?
It's because the genes from your mom and dad are duking it out (on an evolutionary timescale).

Where the heck can I read more about that?


Are you available for Bar Mitzvahs?

Should I start my own blog?
Absolutely! It is less work and more fun than I thought it would be.

But I'm an academic. I already have to write lesson plans and grant proposals and papers and books. I don't have time to write a blog, too!
Actually, I think that writing begets writing. If you are someone who can write academically all day, then, wow! If you're like me, you have to do different things from time to time. One advantage of blogging is that it allows your academic writing muscles to rest, but keeps your writing muscles in shape. It's sort of like cross-training.

You work on population genetics and genomic imprinting and linguistics. You write poetry. And now you're writing a blog. Aren't you worried about being a sort of jack of all trades, master of none?
Ha! You said "jack." And "master."