So, in an effort to add the appearance of structure, some of the posts here at Lost in Transcription will be loosely organized into Features. Not all of them exist yet, but here is a brief description of what they are or hope to be.

Primers in Genomic Imprinting
This is a series of posts in which I provide an introduction to the phenomenon of genomic imprinting. The hope is that they will be readable by the lay audience.

The Genetical Book Review
It's just like a regular book review, but with a focus on the genetic and/or evolutionary issues raised by the text. Also, less timely.

Journal Club
These posts discuss an article from the scientific literature. Interested? Join in the discussion!

Reflected Glory
This is where I point you towards a blog or website that was not made by me, but is nevertheless awesome.

This is where I lay out my thoughts about what poetry is, could be, and should be.

Poetry Review
Here I write about specific books of poetry – some recent, some not so much.

In these posts, I undertake a little bit of amateur data analysis. Although every effort is made to do the math right, the results are for entertainment purposes only.

Well Thank God for THAT
Where I cover some of the products and events that enrichen our lives.