Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Well Thank God for THAT: Royal Wedding Air

So, have you been wondering what bottled privilege smells like?

Here's your chance to buy some air bottled on the day of the upcoming royal wedding.

Yes, air.

The description from the website.
How would you like to have a part of the Royal wedding, get a sniff of what it was like to be there?

Royal wedding day air will soon be available to you as a souvenir of the biggest day in Royal history this century.

Our team of air collectors will be in the heart of London on the big day to collect air for you to enjoy and display in pride of place in your home.
I don't know whether it's too late to submit your application to join the "team of air collectors."

I assume that this is primarily aimed at the gag-gift market, in both senses of the word "gag."

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