Wednesday, September 7, 2011

USA voted coolest nation

So, you remember back in Junior High School, how there was that kid who seemed really cool because he had all this cool stuff, and he was the first one to get a moustache, and everybody laughed at his jokes?

But then you got to High School, and, looking back on it, you think that maybe he was just sort of a bully who picked fights with people for no reason, and stole people's lunch money?

And then, after college, you go back to visit your parents, and there's that same guy, still hanging out talking about how cool he is and flexing his muscles, but now he's really fat, and he doesn't even have a job?

Yeah, well, according to a poll by the social networking site Badoo, the United States is the coolest country in the world.

The top ten most coolest nationalities are:

1.    American          
2.    Brazilians          
3.    Spanish          
4.    Italians          
5.    French          
6.    British          
7.    Dutch          
8.    Mexican          
9.    Argentinian          
10.    Russian

The five least cool?

1.    Belgians          
2.    Poles          
2.    Turks          
4.    Canadians          
5.    Germans

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via Yahoo News

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