Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Leaderless" Occupy Denver has elected a leader

So, key to the success of the Occupy protests have been their the decentralized nature and lack of leadership. Why then would Occupy Denver have elected a general leader? According to this report, the move was prompted in part by statements from the Denver police, who have expressed frustration with the lack of a leader with whom they can negotiate. The precipitating event, however, was the blowhard-esque appearance of Michael Moore, who refused to follow the established guidelines for participation in the General Assembly:
"(Moore) walked in with security and made everyone listen to him in the center of the circle with a bullhorn like he was our leader, even though he said out loud it's a leaderless movement,"
 In a landslide, Occupy Denver elected Shelby, a border collie / cattle dog mix:

Shelby, newly elected leader of Occupy Denver, has been coming down from her home in Boulder every other day to participate in the protests with her "bodyguard," Al Nesby.
Peter John Jentsch was quoted as saying, "Are you the new leader? Are you, girl? Are you?"

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