Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vacuum-packed flesh love

So,  I can't decide if these are brilliant and beautiful, or weird and creepy.

Oh, right, I almost forgot: both!

This series of portraits by Photographer Hal is called "Flesh Love." Apparently, these couples were vacuum packed and then photographed. Then, presumably, dissolved in lye and recycled into Soylent Green.

Here's what Google Translate has to say about the project:
If the lover and hugged, and sometimes I still Shimaitai melted. Because I realize that, for small spaces and Club has taken a couple in a bathtub. Degree of adhesion of the work is moving into something more dense. By increasing the degree of adhesion as a result, the two applications would be an integral part of community. They almost ended up with this couple and vacuum pack. Has teamed up film sets in the home kitchen. Vacuum at times overlap each shot even more, the body bends each other irregularities and joint community started taking the two applications, we want to represent the couple paid to the form. Steadily shrinking the distance between two people, soon to be transformed into one. 
While looking at the vacuum pack is jammed full of people LOVE fresh, if we can join hands to go to the link between people who like these two, not by peaceful conflict like war The world must be. Vacuum packing is only just taking me way. It's important to link it.
You can see the whole series here.

via Laughing Squid.


  1. Wow. A photographer friend of mine would love these, but I'm sure she already knows about them. These images are more fun and sparkle-ly than those of her favorite photographer Joel Peter Witkin. Google his stuff if you dare.

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those Witkin things are deeply, deeply disturbing.

  3. Funny, she just posted a link to the Klompching Gallery... the first pic in their current exhibition is also a brain-stopper:

    Okay, I'll stop. Grins.

  4. Did you go to all of Antony Crossfield's work?:

    Oh wait. I said I'd stop. Sorry.