Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Darwin Eats Cake

So, for the next . . . um . . . span of time . . . lasting, I guess from now until I run out of ideas, my Darwin Eats Cake webcomic is changing formats. Normally, it updates approximately twice a week, on approximately Monday and approximately Thursday, and the strips are mostly self contained. For now, though, the strips will be coming more frequently, and will form a continuing storyline.

This change was necessitated when Eleonora convinced the rest of the cast to go into New York and join the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Here are the first two installations in the new series:

Best URL for sharing: http://www.darwineatscake.com/?id=62
Permanent image URL for hotlinking or embedding: http://www.darwineatscake.com/img/comic/62.jpg 
Best URL for sharing: http://www.darwineatscake.com/?id=63
Permanent image URL for hotlinking or embedding: http://www.darwineatscake.com/img/comic/63.jpg

Like everything at Darwin Eats Cake, and all original material here at Lost in Transcription, these comics are licensed through Creative Commons, meaning that you're free to share, copy, print, etc. them, preferably with attribution, and, ideally, a link back to the site.

Remember, sharing is caring :)

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