Sunday, October 30, 2011

Occupy the East India Trading Company

So, remember the third, terrible Pirates of the Caribbean movie? The big villain is Lord Cutler Beckett, a bigwig at the fictional East India Trading Company (any similarity to the East India Company purely coincidental).

His catch phrase, which he says whenever he is screwing someone over or doing something unethical, is "It's just good business." Which makes him sort of emblematic of what the whole Occupy movement is protesting against.

Near the end of the movie, all of his scheming and manipulation has backfired. We are treated to a prolonged sequence of him walking down a flight of stairs on his ship while the ship (the whole world, one could say) is collapsing (or, rather, exploding) around him. He repeats his catchphrase just before being engulfed in a huge fireball.

In honor of Lord Beckett, I whipped up this little thing. Feel free to share it before the cease-and-desist order comes.

And here is the thematically related next installation in the Occupy Darwin Eats Cake series:

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