Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Proving Atheists Wrong with Science #1

So, this is pretty awesome. Posted seemingly without irony by twitterer @LoveGod50.

via @EdYong209 via @NaomiMc via @isaach


  1. There wasn't life in the planet already 3 billion years ago, and do I have to explain the water cycle?

  2. That is so... cute! (and wrong)
    "Oceans aren't empty" awwww cute

  3. ....sorry, but it's the same water, just getting recycled over and over again. We're drinking the same water Jesus drank and peed out, and consider that human bodies are 90 something percent water, which means that when Jesus died and floated off to heaven, he left his 90 percent here.
    Nothing ever leaves this planet unless by rocket.

  4. Just the water cycle is enough to prove the person wrong. You want more reasons?