Sunday, December 11, 2011

What if there were Chinese or Russian military bases in Texas

So, it turns out that Ron Paul's new ad is pretty awesome. I feel pretty ambiguous about many of Paul's positions, but this is one topic on which I think he is exactly right. Also, everything about the way this video is done, from the graphics, to the modulation of the audio, to the text itself, is just rock-tastic.

That's the official Ron Paul video, which I think was just released. However, there is another version that was made and posted back in May. I don't find it quite as compelling overall.  The graphics are a little more inventive, but lack the frenetic energy of the new video. Also, the older one actually uses Ron Paul's voice throughout, which lacks the cinematic, Orwellian overtones of the speaker in the new video.

Like I say, I don't necessarily agree with Ron Paul on a lot of positions, but I am glad that he is out there making this argument. I wish more people in our government were making it.

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  1. It is a pretty rockin ad, and I couldn't agree more. I lived in post-Katrina New Orleans with a big military presence - checkpoints, curfews, the whole nine - so I can sympathize. It was surreal as hell, and you'd better believe people were not happy about it. And these were our OWN troops.